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20 January, 2020

Life Updates

What I had accomplished, my goals, and what I am up to currently. Nothing cool, but check it out if you want :)

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20 January, 2020

Corporate lawyer

Interested in becoming a corporate lawyer? Here are some notes I took from speaking with one. Raw and unedited.

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16 January, 2020

Ultralearning by Scott H. Young

The reason why I started reading this book, was because I wasn't really doing well in any of my classes....

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Olivia Leblanc

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I'm gonna be complete honest. I don't know what the heck I'm doing with my life. But hey, at least I'm trying my best to figure it out. I guess some of my hobbies include reading, drinking a gallon of water, staring at charts for a couple of hours, playing frisbee, networking, attending hackathons, and eating korean food.

If you have a dog, want to work together or simply would just like to chat. Feel free to set up a meeting with me below! I love meeting new people :)