What I have accomplished/currently doing

  • Won the engineering and design compeition as the only high schooler at the University of Toronto
  • Burnt my leg lol...not fun
  • Hosted a hackathon with participants from Australia, Bangladesh, India, and the United Kingdom
  • Created a community filled with passionate investors
  • Helped raised $200 within the span of two days. Proceeds were donated to the Ocean Cleanup
  • Applied to 18 University programs.. Do I regret it? pfft...no...yes.
  • Wrote A(singular) newsletter for Pitch It Green


things I want to accomplish in 2021

  • Build a website.. oh wait
  • Sign up/train/run for a marathon
  • Get better at investing
  • Create an investing course
  • Get better at coding
  • Read more books
  • Learn how to make korean food
  • Get better at yoyo
  • Reach 120WPM consistently
  • Buy more stuffies...lol